Keeping Your Phone Number Private Even Through Online Hook Ups

Sometimes, it can feel like any time you go online these days, all of your personal information is instantly under threat. Yet even amidst anti-virus programs, setting up different emails, logging to different accounts, many men still think that just getting in and out of an online dating site unscathed is all you need to do to protect your private information. After all, now your hook up is just a phone call away. Tomorrow, you will continue on with your life and don’t have to worry about any of it until the next time you go looking for the best popular sex dating site.

The problem with this is that your phone number is now with some random woman you may never see again. You do not know who she is, really, and that’s part of the thrill when it comes to online hook ups. Bad experiences with aside, generally most everything works well enough to make it all worthwhile. We are not talking about most of the time, however. As with most things, the extra precautions taken are there to help you manage the worst case scenarios, not the typical ones. So whether you don’t want to her from your hook ups again, or just want to prevent your information from being passed around, not giving out your actual phone number is always a good idea. How can you manage to hook up, then?

Burn Phones Aren’t Just for International Spies

“Just use and throw”

The burn phone has a large presence in popular culture today. Between all of the popularity gained from crime dramas and action movies, most people have heard of the concept of buying a cheap, easily disposed of prepaid phone for one off events. One primary difference between its glorification and our needs, of course, is the simple fact that we aren’t doing anything shady here. In fact, all we really want to do is have an easy way to contact our hook ups without necessarily being contacted to the number we’re using or incapable of easily getting rid of it should anything happen. Burn phones serve two primary purposes, then: providing a second number in no way actually connected to you, and allowing you to disentangle yourself from it, since it is only being used for one thing.

When it comes to dealing with women who won’t take no for an answer, not being able to get in contact with you will always be the easiest solution. In email, at least, you can set rules to never deal with things from her, or just mark her meal as spam and move on. The chances of her continuing to bother you in this way are pretty low and most popular sex dating sites are not going to list your email publicly anyway. On the other hand, trying to get someone to stop calling it you when you need to use that number are pretty different. If you own a smartphone, of course, you can easily add the phone number to your blocked list and not worry about it. On the other hand, having access to a phone number you actually use in some fashion also gives her another way of finding you. That is why burn phones, when their use is up, are just thrown away without concern. There is no ongoing contract with your name on it and no other accounts the phone number has been used with. Due to this, there will not be anything for her to find, she try to dig around after the fact. Burn phones are a staple in most convenience stores for a reason.

Blocking Your Number

“Block your number for safety”

Another common tactic to use when dealing with people from sites like is to just block your number and call them instead. This can be as easy as changing your settings on a smart phone, making the call, and then changing it back. For dumb phones, however, this can be a little trickier and typically involves having to request your service provider make the adjustments. In the latter case, it may be a better idea to find a burn phone instead, as changing it at the provider level usually makes your number blocked to everyone indefinitely. With most prominent smart phones, however, there is usually something built right in regarding handling caller ID and not allowing the recipient to see your number. Generally speaking, this is one of our least preferred options, but if the other suggestions do not appeal, this will usually work.

Smartphone, Secondary Numbers, and Number Spoofing

“Be anyone”

If you do have a smart phone, there are other options aside from blocking your number available as well. The first, having more than one number, often does not even require a second line. This is due to the many online services which allow you to sign up for a number through their services and typically have a phone app to go along with. You can then, usually use this app in the place of your normal dialing screen in order to send and receive phone calls under a different number. The main thing you really need to keep in mind if you plan to use this option, however, is the fact that you are using a Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, method of sending and receiving calls. This, as the name implies, means you are going to have to have internet access on your phone for this to work. While this is more or less a sure fire thing in the city, you having mobile internet in all the same areas you have cell phone service is by far not an guarantee.

The second option, number spoofing, tends to be a little more involved than just sending and receiving using a second number on the same device. One thing you really need to keep in mind when it comes to number spoofing is that you can almost never do this to receive calls, so if she is hesitant to hand out her number, chances are this is not going to be a surefire method for you. On the plus side, however, the setup is usually very quick, since it usually involves a brief app search and installation. Once that is accomplished, you hardly ever have to do anything else aside from actually using the app to dial out.

Sticking to Emails

“Just write an email and avoid any contact via mobile”

If all of that seems like too much of a hassle to bother, we highly suggest just sticking to email. The majority of people on any popular sex dating site are going to have access to a smart phone of some kind. Even the more basic phones these days will at least have mobile email access in some form or another. Once you contact each other through the site, you typically move to emails anyway, which means this is not going to be to terribly odd of a request to deal with anyway. Additionally, most downtown areas are going to have some form of wireless connection available even if you have to use a laptop to access it. Either way, choosing to stick with your email instead of moving to phone numbers is the only surefire way of keeping your phone number from ever being a problem. Now, that you have understood how to keep your phone number private, choose a top dating site and dive in to the dating scenario. Read JustHookup Review: We Comparison-Shop Against the Hottest Sites and choose only a legit site to find a fuck buddy.

Why You Want to Use a Proxy to Visit Cam Sites

"You'll be able to hide your real identity by using a proxy server"

"You'll be able to hide your real identity by using a proxy server"

“You’ll be able to hide your real identity by using a proxy server” 

Of all the precautions to be taken when you log in to your favorite cam site, connecting to a proxy is probably the most effective use of your time. Even when you are just looking through live sex chat site reviews for something new or different, knowing you are connected by way of a proxy server leaves one less thing to worry about when all you are really trying to do is enjoy yourself. While best when used in conjunction with other options, when it comes to discouraging someone from tracking you down through a website, nothing works quite as well as making them realize they have hit a proxy server instead of your home router.

So What Is a Proxy Server Anyway?

Explaining the benefits of a proxy server requires knowing the basics of what exactly happens when you connect to the Internet for anything. For all of the people that use it on a day to day basis, most of us never stopped to consider where any of our favorite sites actually reside or how we’re getting to them. There’s much more to it than that, of course, but the exchange of information is the primary way proxy servers affect your online interactions, so let’s start there.

When your computer first checks to see if it can get online, it does so by checking to see if there is a Domain Name Server, or DNS, willing to talk to it and direct it where to go. You see, when you type a URL into the bar at the top of every modern day browser, you are giving your computer information it cannot really make sense of on its own. Computers understand network addresses as a series of numbers, not a website name. For this reason, does not actually make any sense to the computer or the browser you are using. It does, however, make sense to your DNS. That server sits around waiting for computers to ask it for information, looks at the address you typed in, and then sends your request on to the appropriate series of numbers that represents the server the site is actually on. You can think of a DNS as an old school switchboard operator in a way, although generally much more helpful and efficient.

What a proxy server does is circumvent your request before it makes it to your Internet Service Provider’s DNS and instead uses your connection to directly connect to a server of your chose. You can do this because when you purchase a proxy connection, you are given the numerical address of the server, a login for it and usually the port to access it on as well. In a sense, the proxy server becomes your messenger. You direct all of your requests to the proxy server and it, in turn, interacts with the rest of the Internet on your behalf. Because of this, no one is really sure who you are or where you are coming from, since all most people who would peak at your requests are just going to see the proxy server instead.

What Sort of Danger Is There Really?

"You might lose some dollars from your credit card"

“You might lose some dollars from your credit card” 

When it comes to the Internet, innovation is everywhere and all of the time. This is especially true when it comes to finding ways of making a living off of other people’s backs. This is true whether we are talking about hackers looking for someone’s credit card information, or someone else being paid to look into your internet history. Between this and the simple fact that you never know who you are going to encounter online or what might happen offline to jeopardize your privacy, it is always better to err on the side of caution. The proxy server is just one of many options when it comes to protecting yourself, but it will always be the most useful when it comes to people trying to track you down for any reason.

The Benefits of Anonymity on a Cam Site

"It is good to hide your identity on adult sites"

“It is good to hide your identity on adult sites” 

While relying on reviews to find a good live sex chat site is okay when it comes to figuring out if the site is easy to use, and if the cam models are worthwhile, they often do not mention anything about the level of security and how they handle moderation. While for the most part you can get away with saying and doing a lot more in cam site chats than you could in various other places, there is still some level of moderation involved. Whether it comes down to how the model wants to run her channel, or the site itself has people devoted to this, there is the chance that your account could be suspended or your access revoked at pretty much any time. Go read the small print if this sounds silly to you. If someone else who might have shared your IP address at some point in time got themselves banned from a site, you might not even be able to connect in the first place. This is also the case for certain countries, as there are many places that cannot serve up the content on these sites due to government censorship.

All of these reasons make being anonymous and using a proxy server well worth the initial effort to setup. Being able to switch to another IP address when something goes wrong, or you cannot access the site through no fault of your own, is the quickest and easiest solutions in most cases. Proxy services fix these situations because they mask your address to the sites requesting the information. Some servers even route the requests back through multiple other servers and computers just for the added security. This allows you to, in all of the cases listed, essentially bypass any restrictions based on who or where you are.

Keeping Your Computer and Your Privacy Safe

"Take backup of your data"

“Take backup of your data” 

Aside from matters of access, proxy servers also help to protect your equipment and your private information. Even live sex chat sites with the best reviews can fall prey to a phishing scam, or have their information hacked. In fact, the more popular the site, the more likely it is to happen, and when it comes to the online porn industry in general, the worst thing you can do is rely on their security measures. In most cases, it’s just not worth their money to try and protect their site and content beyond being able to keep it up and available to as many places and people as they can. Live sex chat sites often get hacked. Join the best sites to avoid phishing attempts. click here for a list of most popular live chat sites and know what users say about them.

Ultimately, your privacy and security online is in your hands. This is especially true when it comes to preventing people from tracking down where you have been and what you are doing there. While telling your computer not to track you and to forget what it knows, you should also be aware of the danger that comes from leaving how you connect to these sites exposed to even the most basic backtracks. If someone is looking to get some dirt on you, the quickest and easiest method is where you have been online, when no one else is looking. So protect yourself and start with a proxy server that at least puts a locked door between your computer and the rest of the world.

Dungeon Fashion: Keeping Some Clothes on Makes It Kinkier

People have used fashion to express themselves since the beginning of time. Personal adornment is considered to be one of the paramount indicators of modernity, when humankind began to have cognizant and self-aware thoughts rather than operating purely on instinct. Archeologists that have discovered beads tens of thousands of years ago in caves link the decorative to the first modern person, since self expression is the mark of a human being.

That being said, fashion exists in all kinds of different forms and varies from one subculture to the next. In the modern day world, people spend thousands of dollars on designer fashion since labels indicate luxury and prestige while others opt to use clothing to express their own personal style. Young people in different music scenes are known for using fashion and developing specific trends that are considered cutting edge and stylish, and it varies by genre.

The BDSM scene is no different and it has its own array of fashion trends and style. Anyone giving fetish tips will tell you that, like any culture, people in the scene will make assumptions or draw conclusions about you depending on what you’re wearing. This doesn’t necessarily mean in a judgmental manner, though that also occurs like any other subculture, or even in society at large. Some clothing can even have dual use, such as a stiletto heel worn at one moment to make an aesthetic statement, and the next used to wail on a bottom or Sub, as suggested by Learn more about how to unleash your hidden fetishes here: Use this tips to make your sex life kinkier.

Here are a few other fetish tips on clothing and fashion choices that you’ll encounter in the BDSM scene and what to expect from the wearers.

Four Materials That Look Similar but Aren’t

“PVC suits are quite popular in BDSM community”

One of the most commonly recognized BDSM materials for clothing is leather, latex, PVC, and rubber. They look similar, but all of these materials are completely different. There are fetishists in the scene who kink on the clothing material of rubber, for example, while others simply prefer the look of a PVC body suit. It depends on the individual wearer, obviously, but like most self-presentations in culture, these materials can also imply codified information. If someone is wearing rubber, it might mean they’re a rubber fetishist. You can usually find out from an acquaintance or someone familiar with the scene. Also bear in mind that if you wear rubbers outfit yourself or some accessory that’s rubber, other kinksters might think that you yourself are into rubber as a fetish. While most people won’t blatantly assume, it’s good to be aware of what type of impression you’re giving off.

Another aspect of latex in particular is full body latex suits. You may see subs with their Masters wearing full body latex that covers them from head to toe, with only a small slit for them to breathe. This is part of play and is a common practice in many dungeons. Just like a bondage hood, this plays with the ability to see and hear what’s going on, and manipulates sensory inputs. It forces the sub to rely on the Dom for their well-being, and so, adds to the power dynamic. There are other reasons that subs will wear fully body latex, such as kinking on the material itself, but that gets into a more complex subculture. The image of a faceless figure can be disconcerting the first time you see someone dressed this way, so be prepared.

Doms and Subs

“It is about dressing for the session”

It’s a common sight for a Dom to be fully dressed in fetish wear, and for a sub to be wearing nothing except a collar. A lot of times, a collar actually signifies a strong bond between Dom and sub, since it implies intense ownership. Depending on the scene, party, or situation you’re in when you see this type of fashion dynamic, there may also be spaces in the Dom’s garment for fulfilling sexual acts. Men might wear nothing else except a pair of leather chaps and a leather vest which allows their sub to perform oral sex. Obviously this varies from one couple to the next, since not all Dom/sub relationships have to be overtly sexual in nature; the BDSM subculture is very open to all types of relationship dynamics, even the most unusual. Clothing can also be revealing or cut in such a way as to heighten a feeling of humiliation or control, depending on the wearer. A Dom will often use different BDSM implements, like a riding crop, on their sub while they remain in a state of undress, minus the collar or other type of accoutrement. The application of discipline while being fully undressed next to someone else who is dressed creates an intense power dynamic that’s essential to this type of relationship.


“It is a popular fetish since old times”

Corsetry is a popular fetish with a long-standing history, but it can also simply be an aesthetic choice. When it comes to fetish advice, we’ll say that what helps deduce whether a woman wearing a corset is interested in corsetry as a practice or just for the evening, is how tight the corset is laced up. Part of corsetry as a fetish is getting the waist as small as possible and adopting a specific silhouette by tightening the stays of the garment.

Corsets go far back in the history of the Western world and have come in and out of fashion for both men and women since the sixteenth century. Today, corsets are generally restricted to female use and crop up in mainstream fashion too. Corsets have also had many uses in history, ranging from the purely aesthetic to medical devices. Corsetry as fetish tips has its own set of terms and subculture and focuses on lacing, shape, and how the corset impacts movement. While trying to determine if you’re dealing with a woman who’s into corsetry or simply wearing a corset as a fashion choice, you should also look at her shoes and the rest of her outfit. Many women interested in corsetry will also don dramatically heeled shoes, some of which look like they’re en-point in ballet. All of these garments are difficult to wear and maintain and gives the wearer a certain shape and type of movement, as is the case with many types of BDSM fashion. Corsets also have an element of both being an aesthetic statement as well as a fetish.

Queer Fashion

“It is hard to define them into a single gender”

Queer fashion is often more about gender roles and pronouns, than about any particular fetish. Due to the fact that many people in the BDSM scene identify as nontraditional genders or prefer alternate gender pronouns to the mainstream – such as using the gender-neutral “they” instead of “he” or “she” – you’ll also see this manifest in fashion. As with any fetish advice, we’ll tell you that there are a few major indicators to watch for to know you’re dealing with someone who’s queer. Let us also be clear about the meaning of the word “queer.” Queer doesn’t only refer to gay and lesbian, but often translates to any person who operates on a spectrum other than black and white heterosexuality and cisgendered identity.

One feature of queer culture in the BDSM scene is androgyny. This includes haircuts and clothing that isn’t particular feminine or masculine, but sits somewhere in between. Some queer women are interested in men like us (cisgendered and heterosexual) and some aren’t. It depends on her preferences, but if you see a woman who shares the same kinks as you, it can’t hurt to approach her. Just be polite and respect her decision whether she decides to be receptive to you or not. Politeness counts for a lot in the BDSM scene.

Mistakes We All Make When Approaching a Woman

Are you making mistakes in the ways you approach women? Do you even know? Most of the time, when we continuously make the same mistakes over and over again, it’s because we’re not aware that we’re making them. When it comes to guys and women, we’re more alike than different. In fact, almost all men make the exact same mistakes in their approach! If any of these things sound familiar to you, you’re doing it wrong. That’s the bad news, but the good news is that knowledge is power. Once you know how you’re screwing up, you can fix it.

You’re Too Eager

“She is not going to entertain this type of behavior”

You spot a hot woman. You haven’t been laid in months. You’re feeling kind of desperate. So of course, when you approach her, you’re really eager to get her into bed. But letting that show is a huge mistake! Chances are high that when you’re too eager, you’re going to do stupid things that make you look desperate and pathetic, which is definitely not the image you want to convey. So before you start talking to her, take a moment to get a grip. Take a few deep breaths and put yourself into a nonchalant state of mind. Remember to slow down both your speech and your body, so you’ll come across as calm and relaxed.

You Back Off Too Soon

“She was interested – you shouldn’t have backed off”

This is almost the opposite of coming across as too eager, but it’s an equal indication of low self-esteem. You approach a woman, strike up a conversation, and then… walk away without following through. She’s shown some interest by engaging with you. She smiled. She made eye contact. But instead of getting her phone number, you told her to have a nice day and walked away. Usually guys do this when they feel out of their league and start to panic. You’ve got to remind yourself that there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. The worst case scenario is that she’ll say no, and you’ll have zero chance of hooking up with her, which is the same outcome as when you back off before you’ve asked. Sure, you can pretend that when you’re the one who ends the conversation it leaves your dignity intact, but does it really? Probably not! You’ll be beating yourself up about it for weeks.

Using a Sloppy Approach on Cheating Sites

“You are not going to impress her with a sloppy approach”

A lot of guys do things on cheating sites that they would never do in regular, everyday life. We have a tendency to get lazy with our approach, which almost guarantees you’re not going to get anywhere. If you are looking for a good site take a look at this Affairclub Review. This is a site that comes highly recommended. In order to hook up with women, you’ve got to put treat cheating sites like a bar. You wouldn’t barge up to a woman you’d just met at a club and say, “You’re hot. Wanna fuck?” So why on earth would you think it’s a good idea to send the women you meet on cheating sites messages? Trust me, it will have the same effect that it would have in a bar, except she won’t be able to throw a drink in your face. It’s not that hard to craft a thoughtful, interesting introduction email, and if you want to stand more than a snowball’s chance in hell of getting laid, you’d better invest the time in doing it right.

Using Lousy Pictures On an Affair Site

“Avoid uploading dumb profile pictures”

This last bit of advice has to do with appearance, and a lot of guys don’t take into consideration that this is part of their approach. It’s the one and only approach mistake that begins before you ever walk up to a woman. When you’re walking up to a woman, your appearance creates her first impression, so you want to look your best. The same goes with your profile picture on an affair site. You have to think of your picture as part of your approach. No blurry, out of focus shots allowed. Click Here for a detailed guide on these types of sites. No dorky Hawaiian shirts and socks with sandals. And for god’s sake, keep your junk in your pants. Your affair site profile picture is the first thing any woman you approach will look at. She might not even read your message until she’s taken a good long look at your photo, so don’t give her any reason to click delete without responding. Treat the affair site just like you would any other place you’d go to meet women. Dress to impress and look your best. Make sure you look open and friendly. Pairing a great profile picture with a thoughtful introduction email is the only way to go. Women don’t expect your approach to be perfect, but they do want to see some effort. So remember to put your best foot forward, and then relax and have fun.

Small Business Decision: Buying vs Leasing Equipment

 Whether you are leasing or buying equipment, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your need and what you have at the moment, leasing or buying will be your solution to the problem at hand. You just have to know when to lease and when to buy. Each has its own strengths at a certain point of your business situation. The same way, when weaknesses arise, it’s time to consider the benefits of the other.

When you lease equipment

Leasing gives you the capacity to operate with a low budget because your initial expense would be low and terms are flexible. However, if you continue leasing even when you already have the chance to buy, the cost will be expensive in the long run. Leased equipment can also be tax deducted as an expense. When your equipment is old, you can have it replaced at the end of the lease term which is renewable every year or two. The down side, aside from the long-run total expense, is that you can never own the equipment and you have to continue paying for the duration of the contract.

Lease or Buy? How to Conduct an Analysis

Lease or Buy? How to Conduct an Analysis

When you buy equipment

When buying your own equipment, you have to have the ready money because you buy the whole amount and the equipment is yours. Whatever you want to do with it, no one can stop you. For buying, you get tax incentive and if your equipment is eligible, you can receive depreciation deduction. Since you are able to buy the equipment, the initial cost is considered a disadvantage for those who are not ready with the amount. You can use the equipment for as long as it is working, thus, over the years, the cost per year gets smaller, although you are stuck with the same equipment too. You can opt to sell it and buy a new one every two years to battle obsolescence but you will have to take care of that yourself.

Should you lease or should you buy

How much money do you have available? If you have not enough, you do not have a choice but to lease the equipment. When you have the money, how long do you intend to use it? If you are going for short term, leasing is wise but if you are going for long term, better buy instead. Try to compute all the possible savings you are going to have via tax deductions and interest rates. Depending on what is important to you, you decide accordingly.

Leasing Vs Acquiring – The Benefits of Company Lease Agreements

Leasing Vs Acquiring – The Benefits of Company Lease Agreements

Leasing or buying is chosen depending on what your business is capable of doing and how long you intend to use the equipment. If you are going long term, it is wiser to buy but it still depends on what is important to you (like having a new equipment every two years or owning the equipment and making it last for decades).

The Top 5 Biggest Retirement Myths You Should Know the Truth About

Retirement is a common word known in the society and if you have the chance to look for definitions, you will probably end up with many. Retirement means seclusion, retreat, departure, regression and withdrawal. Those who are unfamiliar with retirement may found this to be uninteresting. Some individuals failed to experience successful and enjoyable retirements because they were not able to find a proper retirement plan. Retirement myths also stop these individuals from achieving an ideal retirement.

The Impact of Retirement Myths

When individuals believed retirement myths, they will surely encounter problems regarding their retirement plans. These myths stop individuals, especially retirees, from enjoying their retirement. These somehow display invaluable impact when connected to retirement that is why it is advisable to avoid these myths as much as possible. There are still several individuals that cling to retirement myths despite publicities and issues. Because of these myths, they failed to focus on the realistic things that aid for happy retirement.

The Big Retirement Myth: You'll Spend Less

The Big Retirement Myth: You’ll Spend Less

The Top 5 Biggest Retirement Myths and the Truths Revealed

The first common retirement myth is that this retirement signifies the end of a career. This is not true, because the truth is that retirement is a new chapter of life though there are some transitions and changes encountered as individuals step into a new lifestyle. The second myth is that retirement is only wonderful if individuals get more money. This myth is the effect of the advertisements made by financial companies. Retirement is wonderful even without millions because it signifies your long years of hard work and accomplishments.

The third myth is that retirement is claimed to be easy. This myth is what makes people think that retirement is just a simple thing, which it is actually not. There are even instances that individuals encountered difficulties and depressions as they retire from their job. Retirement is said to be the second phase of life and it must be dealt with proper attitude and mindset.

You think you know RRSPs?

You think you know RRSPs?

Spending lots of money with the wife or life partner upon retirement is the fourth retirement myth. Some are focused on planning long and luxurious vacation rather than engaging into proper retirement plan. This myth must be avoided because this will just make your money exhausted and you are left with nothing. The fifth retirement myth is being young to worry about retirement. Making plans can be done regardless of age and young as you are, you still need to engage in realistic planning.

Clear understanding about retirement myths will help individuals realize that these are not actually the key towards happy and successful retirement. Intelligent planning is still what it takes to experience an ideal retirement stage that you deserve.

Top 5 Sneakers Designed for Long Distance Running

Being in top physical form is no longer a guarantee that you’ll win in today’s competitive sports competition. This means that even if you train hard, that doesn’t automatically mean that you are the sure winner. Although there is no substitute for training hard, the equipment that you use can now help you obtain the competitive edge that you need in many sports competition. Sports equipment such as shoes and even the jerseys that you are wearing are the result of endless research and can spell the difference between victory and defeat. If you are a long distance runner, below are some of the best sneakers that you can use to make you become a winner.

Zoot Ultra Kalani 2

For triathletes, this is the sneaker that was designed especially for triathlon competition. This sneaker is a highly respected among the triathlon community and has been praised for its sleek design and most of all its performance. Its laces are easy to tighten but once tightened it is very secure. Unlike other shoes, it requires running 30 to 50 miles before it will have its proper break in and will perform at its best after. It is one of the best sneakers out in the market today.

Brooks Green Silence

Brooks Green Silence is long distance running shoe that is made mostly of recycled materials. It is very comfortable and light. If you want a sneaker that can perform but at the same time environment-friendly, you’ll surely be at home in Brooks Green Silence.

The 10 Best Sneakers for Long Distance Running

The 10 Best Sneakers for Long Distance Running

Saucony Kinvara 3

Training in the winter is rarely done because of the cold weather and the risk of getting injured through slippage. If you are looking for the right shoe, you will surely like this one. It has traction strong enough to prevent slippage during winter training. It is a great entry shoe at the same time and is good for those who are just starting in the long distance running event.

Asics Gel Hyper Speed 5

This is the right shoe for bursting speed in the middle of the run. The famous athlete who has worn Hyper Speed shoes ever since was Ryan Hall. The main selling point of Asics Gel Hyper Speed is its comfort while not compromising speed. However, durability has been an issue for this sneaker but not after you win some of the long distance running contests.

Adidas Adizero Adios 2

If you are looking for the ultimate long distance running shoe, met the Adidas Adizero Adios 2. This has been the shoes worn by athletes that have broken long distance running records. Performance, speed and grip is what makes this shoe second to none among the popular long distance running shoes out in the market today.

What's Your Favorite Running Shoe Brand?

What’s Your Favorite Running Shoe Brand?

Choosing the right shoe is your first step towards your dream of being a long distance runner. Remember to train hard, be disciplined and most of all get the best sneaker out in the market today. You can never go wrong in the sneakers mentioned above because they are the best long distance shoes out in the market today.

5 Natural Aphrodisiacs for Better Sex

Sex plays an important role in every relationship. That’s why couples try to give their partners the best sex of their lives all the time. They look for new ways to spice up their sexual encounters. Then again, there are times when a person’s sex life becomes plain and boring. You don’t want that to happen. You got to keep the flame burning. This is easy to do if you take note of these 5 natural aphrodisiacs and ensure that they’re in your system.

  1. Increase your energy with ginseng

The root has a stimulating effect that can increase your energy and libido. A lot of years have been spent studying this root and it has been shown time and again that it is indeed an aphrodisiac. It also helps in fighting sexual dysfunction in both sexes.

  1. Tasty caviar and a glass of vodka

Caviar has a lot of vitamins that keeps your body energized. It’s also rich in phosphorus and helps in cell regeneration. This aphrodisiac is said to double its effect when you eat it together with a glass of vodka. So if you want to have hot and steamy sex, prepare caviar and some vodka. You’ll surely have a great party inside the bedroom with your partner.

Ginseng and saffron ‘better aphrodisiacs’ than wine and chocolates

Ginseng and saffron ‘better aphrodisiacs’ than wine and chocolates

  1. The erotic tomato

It’s not called the “apple of love” for nothing. Looking at someone nibble a tomato sexily can already arouse you. Also, tomatoes can help you perform better in bed. It can calm your nerves prior to sex. It also helps you control your muscles much better.

  1. The green love goddess called avocado

Avocados have a lot of vitamin E that can boost your libido in no time. It also intensifies your orgasm. This fruit has got you covered from start to end. Apart from eating it, you can also rub it on your partner’s skin. It has a soft texture that can increase your desire for sex.

  Natural Aphrodisiacs Guide: Bombshell 'Cooking' Sensual Raw Food

Natural Aphrodisiacs Guide: Bombshell ‘Cooking’ Sensual Raw Food

  1. The ever-reliable chocolate

You know chocolate’s going to be in the list, and there’s good reason for it to be part of your menu of natural aphrodisiacs. It’s got phenyl ethylamine or PEA – the chemical your body produces when you’re in love. It makes you feel good and studies say that it stimulates sexual feelings in the brain.

Sex can give you a kind of bliss nothing else can. Then again, it can become boring when you lack libido and you don’t feel any excitement. Remember that a poor sexual life can affect your relationship and may even cause its downfall. So try to fill your kitchen with these natural aphrodisiacs. It can definitely help you to perform better on bed. Satisfying your sexual desires and that of your partner is easier when you let these aphrodisiacs help you.

3 Best Social Photo Sharing Services

The pictures you’ve got on your mobile phone and camera don’t have to be hidden anymore. With social photo sharing services within your reach, you can share your photos to the rest of the world whenever you want. There are a lot of social photo sharing services around, and it is sometimes hard for us to decide where we should post our pictures. Here are the top 3 social photo sharing services available:

  1. Instagram

Who doesn’t know Instagram? It’s just as popular as other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is an application that you can download on your phone. You don’t have to spend a penny to have the app. If the fact that it has millions of users doesn’t prove its popularity, then the investment Facebook has made on Instagram should be solid proof. Initially it was only available for people with Apple devices, but it’s now also available for those who are using Android-powered devices. Instagram is easy to use and has a lot of effects. However, everyone can see your photos. So if you don’t want the whole world to see your pictures, Instagram might not be for you.

HOW TO: Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Website

HOW TO: Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Website

  1. Flickr

Flickr is also a great photo sharing site from Yahoo. Like Instagram, you can make use of Flickr without spending a penny. The site offers you several features when it comes to sharing, uploading, and downloading pictures. There are so many people who make use of Flickr. If you want to have unlimited storage, you only need to pay a fee of $25. For that amount, all your photos can be saved with maximum resolution. That’s definitely a good price. No doubt that the site is one of the best photo sharing sites today.

  1. Picasa

If Yahoo has Flickr, then Google has Picasa. Those who make use of Google services will surely love Picasa. Everything’s integrated already. No need to copy URLs or embed codes. Picasa has an image editor that has pretty much everything you need. It’s supplied by Picnik and is very easy to use. Picasa, like Flickr, also provides premium service for a cost. The amount is based on storage space. Picasa offers up to a whopping 1 terabyte of storage space.

Sharing the Knowledge by Vertical Measure

Sharing the Knowledge by Vertical Measure

These 3 photo sharing services are worth a try if you love photos and you want to share them. You can get all of them for free. It’s up to you to go a notch higher and opt for premium service. After trying all 3, you can then decide which one is best for you. We can’t say which one is the best amongst the 3 because it is still your preference that matters. The best photo sharing service is one that has all the features you need. What others say won’t really make a difference. It all boils down to what you really want and need.